ezCater's Delivery Solutions

Assign and track your own in-house drivers, or request delivery support on-demand.



ezCater’s delivery solution has all the tools you need to support or supplement your operations. Delivery management makes it simple to assign and track every order delivered by your in-house drivers, while ezDispatch gives you on-demand access to a network of reliable catering delivery drivers. However you choose to deliver catering, ezCater can help ensure every order is tracked and delivered successfully.   

Assigning your own in-house delivery driver

Assigning one of your own drivers is simple. Drivers will receive a text message which will give them access to all the necessary tools and information to execute a successful delivery.

Drivers can download our delivery app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.


What you get as a Driver:

  • Simple SMS based mobile app, to quickly update delivery status
  • One-click navigation to the delivery location
  • Call the customer from a masked phone number to ensure privacy
  • Upload a photo of the final set-up


No need to turn down valuable catering orders you can’t deliver. Deliver the orders you’re able to, and hand the rest off to ezCater’s network of reliable delivery providers — vetted by us to protect your reputation.

We handle sourcing and recruiting delivery partners, training them on high-quality catering delivery, and managing the orders from start to finish.

To request help with ezDispatch, please fill out the form on our landing page or contact delivery@ezcater.com.

There are two options to meet your needs:

1. Already deliver but reaching your limit? Deliver the catering orders you’re able to, and hand-off the rest of ezDispatch.

2. Have a pickup-only catering business? Use ezDispatch to serve delivery customers without building your own delivery fleet.

How it Works:

1. You request ezDispatch for an order. We find a delivery provider for you.

2. You get a confirmation email. It shows the delivery provider and pickup time. These will also be available in the order details.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 11.12.14 AM

ezd details 2

3. The driver picks up the order. Prepare it for pick-up, and you're done!

To provide feedback or for more information, contact delivery@ezcater.com.