Introducing the "Needs Driver" Order Task in ezManage

The Needs Driver order task acts as a reminder, helping ensure every order has a set of wheels leading up to the pick-up time.



The new order task "needs driver" helps bring awareness to your orders that do not have a delivery driver assigned leading up to the event time. Assigning a driver to a catering order gives your driver all the most important information to navigate and communicate with the customer, and provides your customers with delivery updates giving them peace of mind their food is in-route and will arrive on time.  This new task will alert you of any reconfirmed orders without a delivery driver, giving you plenty of time to find an in-house driver or request assistance through ezDispatch. Watch the quick video to see how this new order task works.



Q: Can I turn this feature off?
A: This feature is unable to be turned off, but thirty minutes after the order event time has passed, this task will automatically disappear if the driver remains unassigned. Reliable delivery is one of the most important things customers look for when ordering food at work and the Delivery Management solutions help to ensure that drivers have everything they need to be successful with the delivery while keeping customers notified throughout the process. 

Q: How can I complete the task?
A: Once you assign an in-house driver or request ezDispatch for your order, this task will be completed. Additionally, drivers can complete this task themselves by utilizing the Delivery QR code or the SMS Self-Assign feature found on the Order Transmission PDF.


Q: Does this new change mean an increase in the number of text notifications for catering partners? 
A: This new change will not create any additional text notifications for catering partners. It will simply trigger a task card in the Orders tab within ezManage that will remind caterers to assign a driver as the event time approaches.


Q:  I use my own drivers, do I need to do this?

A: Our delivery solutions are designed for both in-house, third-party, and hybrid delivery strategies that allow you to provide customers with a first-class delivery experience that works for all operations. Additional training resources can be found in the ezCater help center and within the training resources tab in ezManage.


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