FAQs for ezCater & Catering Partner Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”)

Thank you for taking the time to review these FAQs. We hope that these FAQs provide helpful information about our T&Cs. These FAQs are for informational purposes only and are not part of the T&Cs.

What is ezCater?

ezCater provides online services and tools that help catering partners grow and manage their catering business, including the ezCater Marketplace to acquire new customers, ezOrdering to take catering orders on your own website, ezManage to manage catering sales, customers, and orders, and ezDispatch to source reliable catering delivery providers. 


Why do you have T&Cs?

Like many companies, we require anyone using our services to agree to our T&Cs.  Our T&Cs describe what we’re obligated to do for you, and what you’re obligated to do for us.  We took care drafting our T&Cs so that they are easy to read, fair, and balanced.   


Can I change the T&Cs?

We are happy to talk through the T&Cs so that you can better understand what they cover and our position.  Our expectation is that no changes are needed to the T&Cs, since we carefully drafted them to reflect our policies while still being fair and balanced to you.  For specific changes to commercial terms, please reach out to your account manager (or sales rep, if you’re new to ezCater) for available options.


I have more than one location on ezCater, am I accepting these T&Cs for all of them? 

Yes, you are accepting these T&Cs on behalf of all locations you own or control that are in your ezManage account.  This includes past, present, and future locations. 


I’m a franchisor, am I accepting on behalf of my franchisees?

No, each of your franchisees will be presented with these T&Cs.  You are not responsible for their obligations under the T&Cs, including payment of the fees they owe ezCater.  See Section 11 of the T&Cs.  


I’m a franchisee, do I need to accept these T&Cs if my franchisor already has?

Yes, you are accepting these T&Cs on behalf of your franchised location(s).  You - not your franchisor - are responsible for your obligations under the T&Cs, including any fees you owe ezCater for the services.  See Section 11 of the T&Cs.  You can find your fees in your ezManage account. 


Where can I find the T&Cs?

You can always find a current version of the T&Cs in ezManage. Learn more about how to sign into ezManage here.

I still have questions…  If you’re new to ezCater, please reach out to your sales rep.  If you’re already a catering partner on our platform, please contact your account manager or email partnersuccess@ezcater.com.