Want more orders?

Optimize your settings!

With 60,000+ catering partners nationwide, we’ve learned what the most successful ones have in common. Follow our suggestions to maximize your customer reach and increase your business on both the ezCater Marketplace and your own site, through ezOrdering.

The best way to get more orders with ezCater is by accepting every order and providing great food and with timely, accurate service.

1. Sign into ezManage 

Sign into ezManage to follow along with the optimization guide.



2. Update your lead time in ezManage.

Choose Settings in your ezManage portal and select the store you wish to update. Scroll down to Lead Time and click edit on the right.



We recommend a lower lead time.

7% of orders are placed within 5 hrs of the event time and 36% are placed between 12-24 hrs. A lower lead time lets you serve more customers.       



3. Request an update on your delivery parameters.

Choose Settings in your ezManage portal and select the store you wish to update. Scroll down to Delivery at the bottom and click request update in the right.



Don’t offer catering delivery or want to add capacity and flexibility?
Use ezDispatch to reach new customers without building your own delivery fleet.

We recommend less than $100. $150 is the median value of a catering order.

A smaller minimum opens you up to more customers placing small orders (who may return to you with larger orders later).


4. How to request a menu update through ezManage.

You can request menu updates and add individual items through the form in ezManage by emailing our menus team directly at menus@ezcater.com.



Menus that appeal to groups are the most successful on ezCater. To create a competitive menu, offering catering packages – items that include a choice of entree, side/salad – is key. Drink and dessert add-ons can help drive order value as well.


5. How to enroll in our marketing programs in ezManage.

Choose Rankings in your ezManage portal and select the store you wish to update. Choose from each dropdown which percentage you would like to set for either program. Don’t forget to save your settings.



ezRewards is our popular cash back loyalty program. You can incentivize corporate customers to order from you by offering up to 2-5% back on their orders.

Our Preferred Partner Program is available to top-performing catering partners. You can bid between 2-20% of an order’s total food cost to appear higher in Marketplace search results.


6. Create custom promos for your ezOrdering link in ezManage.

🆕 Choose Promotions in your ezManage portal. Click Create New ezOrdering Promotion and fill out the discount you would like to promote.



ezOrdering brings your ezCater menu to your website. Customers get an easy way to order catering from you online. You get catering orders at a lower commission, customer contact information, and even more orders on the ezCater Marketplace.


7. Getting started with Direct Entry in ezManage.

Choose Create New Order at the top right corner of your ezManage portal. You can follow along with the video below for step by step tutorial on how to enter a Direct Entry order.



Direct Entry is a new feature in your ezManage portal that allows you to enter your offline orders into one central place. You can easily create orders you take over the phone or from walk-ins, create and email customized quotes for customers to view, and securely pay online.