How should I use promotional codes in marketing messaging?

Help drive trial of your catering program by offering your customers a discount on their catering order.

ezManage now has the functionality for you to create promo codes / discounts to provide to your customers for your ezOrdering site. 

Why create a promo code?

Offering a promotion or discount for trying your online ordering site can help shift customer behavior from calling the restaurant to the simple process of ordering online.  Providing an offer that is valid for online ordering only is a great tactic to allow your customers to view your menu online and get your full catering experience digitally. 

What type of discount and conditions can I offer my customers?

Currently you are able to set the following conditions for your promo code:

  • Dollar off discount
  • Percentage off discount
  • Minimum order value (food and beverage total)
  • For delivery only or all orders
  • Set for one-time use or multiple uses
  • Set for all days of the week or weekday only

Unfortunately we are not able to offer discounts at the menu item level, such as buy one get one free. 

How should I promote the discount?

A promotion or discount only works if you let your customers know about it! Think about all your marketing channels inside the four walls of your restaurant and your digital presence to see where you can include the discount. A few tips to start:

  • Share the promo on your social media
We've got your office lunch covered! Order catering today and get $25 off when you order online with {{custom.code}}!
  • Include in your customer emails and/or loyalty program

Remind your customers about your catering offering and that online ordering is available. Build a cadence to include catering messaging in your email program. 

  • Add banner image with the promo to your website

Keep your website content fresh and include a catering image and copy of the promo so all your customers are aware of the special offer!

  • Include in printed merchandising materials 

If you want to promote locally or in-store, have custom printed materials made of the promo information. Visit our merchandising store with templates specially designed to include promo codes at

Learn how to create promos in ezManage here.