Why is the image cropped at the top of my page? Can it be zoomed out?

Our system uses a specialized crop to allow for a variety of aspect ratios necessary to display across desktop, mobile versions, etc. This means that we upload one image and our system automatically generates a series of crops to best fit the different displays. 


Because the crop is autogenerated, we cannot zoom out or make the image appear taller. This is why we need images to be the full size at a minimum of 1200x800 pixels and not pre-cropped. 


For more context, here’s a great example of a banner photo:


Here are some examples of how this banner appears on ezCater:


The desktop crop is the most narrow of the three, so we recommend submitting a photo that’s taken farther back, providing ample space around the food (just like in the example above).


Here’s an example of the banner and how it will be cropped for desktop: