Who should be my financial contact?

We’re moving to a new payment processor and need to know the right person at your business to get you set up.

We’ve outgrown our old method of paying Catering Partners and are transitioning to a new payment processor.  With the new processor, we can’t pay you until you’ve opted in by confirming the primary financial contact for your business. 

This financial contact is usually your owner, financial manager, or accountant.  

What does the “financial contact” do?

Your financial contact is responsible for accepting ezCater’s Terms & Conditions, and providing company, tax, and payment information on behalf of your business. They will be the only contact who can update that information going forward. 

Am I still going to get paid like before?

Mostly, yes. Your payment schedule won’t change. The one difference is a new payout minimum: if we owe you less than $20, we’ll hold that amount (you’ll see your balance in ezManage) until the total we owe you goes over $20. And you can always ask for the smaller amount. It’s your money.

If you are not the right person to give us the financial contact’s information, please tell us who is using this form. For more assistance, please please contact partnersuccess@ezcater.com