What's required to join the ezCater Marketplace?

To partner with ezCater or add additional locations to your existing account, please ensure that your location meets our requirements

All ezCater catering partners must follow our Catering Partner Operating Procedures. In addition, there are a few requirements we ask our partners to meet:

  • Partners  must be open 4+ days per week with breakfast and/or lunch coverage 
  • Partners must operate a commercial kitchen or storefront and have a non-residential address
  • Partners must offer delivery service, even if pickup is also an option. (You can also use ezDispatch if it’s available in your area.) 
  • Partners must have an established web presence (this means that there’s evidence online of this being an established restaurant for at least 6 months. Active Yelp reviews over time, active social media presence, the restaurant coming up in multiple search results, etc.) 
  • Physical restaurants must have 3.5+ stars on Yelp or Google Reviews 
  • Partners must have a catering menu that adheres to our equal price guarantee – we ensure that ezCater customers never pay more for something on ezCater than they would by ordering directly from  your restaurant
  • We do not partner with meal prep companies, companies only offering frozen or heat & serve meals, companies with weekly or rotating menus, or companies that require full service
  • Partners must have more than one menu offering (cannot be a single concept menu with rare exceptions like donuts or cupcakes)

If you meet these requirements, please provide us with a few quick details here to get started.