What are the technical requirements for photos on ezCater?

Images Must:

  • Accurately represent the item listed on the menu (i.e. a package that does not include drinks cannot have drinks in the photo)
  • Belong to you! You must own & have rights to these images (no stock photos)
  • Display food as the central focus
  • Provide ample space around the food for cropping - no zoomed in photos, please!


Images Cannot:

  • Contain people, text, or graphics (exception for logos on packaging/plating)
  • Be blurry or out of focus
  • Contain logos or watermarks
  • Contain multiple images (no collages or composites)
  • Have insufficient lighting or strong shadows
  • Be AI generated


Technical Requirements:

  • File types: jpg, png
  • Size: Minimum 1200x800 pixels
  • Horizontal orientation