How do I add a Temporary Closure?

Add a Temporary Closure if you need to close your store for an extended period or just a few hours.

Available for orders?  Temporarily closed? Can't take on any more orders within a specific time period?  You can check and edit your Temporary Closure status within your ezManage account. Watch the tutorial video below to see how easy it is to add a Temporary Closure.


How to set up a Temporary Closure

1. Log into ezManage, open the settings tab and select a store. 

2. Scroll down to the Temporary Closure section and click the edit button. 

3. If you’re on your desktop and want to set a full-day closure, select the date range. You do not need to add the time frame. This will automatically set your store on a full-day closure. You can also set a time frame from the drop-down if you want to set a partial closure. 

4. Click "Save Changes" to apply your store's closures. 

5. You'll also be able to edit or delete these closures within your ezManage iOS app


Closed Due to COVID?

We understand that these are challenging times. If you’ve had to shut your doors, please email with the number of locations and their addresses, and confirmation of the final payment method so we can make sure your account is updated correctly and you are paid for any remaining orders.


Don’t Have an ezManage Account?

You can reach our Support Team at 1-800-488-1803 or for assistance in getting your account set up.