How do I add order pickup instructions?

Add pickup instructions within your ezManage account to ensure drivers know where to park, and how to find your store.

You can now set up your store’s order pickup instructions in ezManage so delivery drivers can easily find your location. This new feature helps provide detailed instructions on where to park, and how to find the entrance. Watch the video below to see how to add your store's pickup instructions. 


How to add order pickup instructions within ezManage?

1. Sign in to ezManage on a web or mobile device.

2. Open your settings tab if you're using a web browser and click on your store settings. If you're signed in through the iOS app, click on your store profile at the bottom of the screen.  

3. Click the edit button to add your pickup instructions, and add any details that will assist your drivers with parking and finding the entrance.

4. Press save before exiting the page.

5. ezDispatch and your in-house drivers will see the instructions within their order details. 


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