What is ezOrdering?

ezOrdering lets you take catering orders on your website.

ezOrdering is a special version of your ezCater menu for your website. Customers get an easy way to order catering from you online. You get customer contact info and a low commission.

How it Works

We add a link to your website. You don’t need to lift a finger. We handle this for you.

Customers click it to order catering. They see an unbranded version of your ezCater menu.

You get catering orders. You pay a reduced commission and get full customer contact info.

Pricing & Payment

No setup or monthly fees. It’s completely free to add ezOrdering to your website.

Reduced 7% commission. For orders you accept, there’s a 7% commission (does not apply to voluntary tips or taxes) — and 2.99% payment transaction fee (does not apply to voluntary tips).

Weekly payments. As of April 14, 2020, you will receive weekly payments by check or direct deposit.

Works with ezManage

Sign in at ezmanage.ezcater.com to do more with ezOrdering.

  • Manage your orders: Go to ezManage > Orders.
  • View customer contacts and lists: Go to ezManage > Customers.
  • Promote your ezOrdering menu: Go to ezManage > Dashboard, and use the tools there.

To get started, click here or reach out to us at partnersuccess@ezcater.com.