How do I sign in to ezManage?

Sign in at or download our iOS app

Click here to go to the sign-in page. You can also download our ezManage iOS app on the Apple app store, which is compatible with both iPhones and iPads. Watch our video below to learn how to accept orders in ezManage. 


Accepting Orders in ezManage

Step 1: Login to ezManage or download our iOS app 

Notifications will be sent through text (SMS), email, or push notification on our iOS app. (Update in settings)

Step 2: Accept the order within 15-minutes 

If you do not confirm the order within 15 minutes our automated phone system will call your store to alert you of the new order.

Step 3: Plan your delivery

Assign an in-house driver to deliver the order, or request an ezDispatch driver from our nationwide delivery network.

Step 4: Reconfirm and prepare the order  

A Reconfirm order task will appear in your account 24-hours prior to the order event time. Please review the order details, and reconfirm in your portal that the order is on track.  

Step 5: Deliver the order yourself or use ezDispatch 

Self-delivery: Assign one of your own drivers to the order to provide the customer with delivery updates.  Drivers can download our iOS app or android app to help streamline the customer delivery experience. 

For ezDispatch orders: hand the food off to the driver by the specified pick-up time listed on the kitchen print out. Confirm the 6-digit order number with the driver and double check all items are provided.


Order Support

Account Support

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View our 2024 Getting Started Guide to learn more about our catering management technology. 


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