How do I get more orders through the Marketplace?

To get more Marketplace orders we recommend optimizing your account, providing excellent service, and trying the Preferred Partner Program, ezRewards, and/or ezOrdering.

Excellent Performance

Part of your ranking on the ezCater Marketplace is driven by how well your serve customers: performance, a high order acceptance rate, prompt responses to orders, positive reviews, on-time delivery, and more.

To view your store performance sign in to and choose Rankings.

Optimize Your Account

Maximize your customer reach to increase your business on both the ezCater Marketplace and ezOrdering. Here’s what we suggest for success:

  • Delivery Area: 10–15 miles
  • Delivery Fee: $10–$20. Business customers expect delivery fees, but high fees could go over their target cost per head.
  • Order Minimum: $150 or lower. 87% of orders are fulfilled by partners with a $150 or lower minimum.
  • Lead Time: 7% of orders are placed within 5 hrs of the event time and 36% are placed between 12-24 hrs. A lower lead time lets you serve more customers.

Marketing Programs

You also have two optional marketing programs at your disposal to directly and instantly boost your ranking. The marketing spend you elect for each can easily pay for itself in the increased business you get.

Catering partners who take advantage of both ezRewards and the Preferred Partner program get an average of 30% more orders. You can adjust or stop both programs instantly, any time you like. Try it out and see what works for you.

Preferred Partner Program

Catering partners rated 4 stars or higher qualify for our Preferred Partner program. You can bid a percentage of food totals to increase your rank. You also get a green thumbs-up, our stamp of approval. It sets you apart, showing customers that we highly recommend you.

Once you qualify, you can instantly adjust your Preferred Partner level anytime in ezManage.

Set your Preferred Partner level. Sign in to, choose Rankings, and choose 2% – 20%.


Customers love earning ezRewards points on their orders. When choosing a catering provider, they can see and filter by ezRewards in search results. Offering more ezRewards makes you more attractive to customers and increases your ranking.

Set your ezRewards level. Sign in to ezManage choose Rankings, and choose 2% – 5%.