How do I get more orders through the Marketplace?

To get more Marketplace orders we recommend optimizing your account, providing excellent service, and trying the Preferred Partner Program, ezRewards, and/or ezOrdering.

Be reliable

Our customers plan their events with the expectation that the food will arrive on time, in full, and as expected. When orders are late, in minor situations it can cause frustration and in major situations, it can cost people jobs, clients, their reputation, and money. It's safe to say that each and every order submitted to your store is high stakes.

Please review our Operational Metrics to understand which metrics we take into account when ranking your location in the search results. Track how your store is doing by logging into your ezManage account and clicking on the Operational Reporting tab. Watch our video below to learn more about this new reporting tab in ezManage. 


Meet our Reliability Rockstar program requirements to be shown at the top of the marketplace search results 

The Reliability Rockstar program celebrates and highlights the most reliable and high-performing caterers on the ezCater Marketplace. Get recognized for your terrific performance and help customers select you faster for high-value orders. 

Reliability Rockstar caterers go above and beyond (our already high) standards to give customers the ease and confidence of a frictionless ordering experience.



What are the key benefits?

  • Appear in the Reliability Rockstar carousel at the top of the search results
  • Get recognized on with a special Reliability Rockstar badge 
  • Drive more orders. Customers select Reliability Rockstar caterers more easily
  • Find out why Reliability Rockstars see a 10% increase in orders

How does it work?

There are no applications or fees necessary to enter this program. If your location qualifies, you will automatically be given a Reliability Rockstar badge on

The current program qualifications are as follows:

  • 6+ Marketplace orders in 3 months
  • 4.8 star rating (minimum)
  • No cancellations
  • Less than 0.5% rejection rate
  • 98.5% on-time deliveries  

Optimize Your Account

Once you've proven to be a reliable partner and are consistently reaching our network reliability standards on the operational metrics page we recommend optimizing your account to maximize your reach on both the ezCater Marketplace and ezOrdering. Here’s what we suggest for success:

  • Delivery Area: 10–20 miles depending on your metro (make sure food quality doesn't suffer).
  • Delivery Fee: $25-$30. Business customers expect delivery fees, but high fees could go over their target cost per head. 
  • Order Minimum: $150 or lower. 87% of orders are fulfilled by partners with a $150 or lower minimum.
  • Lead Time: Once you get comfortable fulfilling larger catering orders on our marketplace you should think about lowering your lead time within reason. 7% of orders are placed within 5 hrs of the event time and 36% are placed between 12-24 hrs. A lower lead time lets you serve more customers, however make sure you have plenty of time to prepare the order to perfection.  

Marketing Programs

You also have two optional marketing programs at your disposal to directly and instantly boost your ranking. The marketing spend you elect for each can easily pay for itself in the increased business you get.

Catering partners who take advantage of both ezRewards and the Preferred Partner program get an average of 30% more orders. You can adjust or stop both programs instantly, any time you like. Try it out and see what works for you.

Preferred Partner Program

Catering partners with 4 stars or higher qualify for this program and can bid up to 20% of food total to:

  • Increase search ranking to be found (and chosen) by more customers

  • Catering partners who use PPP and ezRewards get an average of 30% more orders

  • No risk or upfront fees,  PPP is only applied when you receive orders

 Sign in to, choose Rankings, and choose between 2% – 20%.


Customers love earning ezRewards points on their orders. When choosing a catering provider, they can see and filter by ezRewards in search results. Offering more ezRewards makes you more attractive to customers and increases your ranking.

Set your ezRewards level. Sign in to ezManage choose Rankings, and choose between 2% – 5%.