How do I update my Operating Hours?

Access ezManage to update your store parameters

ezManage users have access to update their store hours from within the settings tab. Simply open ezManage on a web browser, or access ezManage through your iPhone or iPad. Watch our tutorial video below to see how to update your hours.

Updating your operating hours in ezManage web


1. Sign in to ezManage.

2. Open your settings tab, and select a store (if you have multiple)

3. Scroll down to the Operating Hours section of the page and click edit. 

4. Set your availability for each day of the week using the drop-down menu.

5. Once your hours are set, click save. 


Updating your hours or operation using the ezManage iOS app 

1. Open the ezManage app on an iPhone or iPad. 

2. Click the store tab at the bottom of the screen. 

3. Scroll down to Operating Hours. 

4. Click on each day to update your availability and hours.

5. Once your hours are set, click save.