How do I update my Delivery Settings?

Customize your delivery settings to best fit your needs!

With ezCater, you can be as flexible as you like with your delivery settings! Whether you want a fixed rate, a radius limited to specific zip codes, or different fees based on the day of the week, we’ve got you covered! 

Choosing Your Delivery Settings

When setting up your delivery settings, we will ask you the following questions:

  1. What fee would you like to charge?
    1. A fixed rate 
    2. A dollar amount per mile
    3. A percentage of the subtotal
    4. A combination of any of the above
  2. What is the minimum order amount you’ll accept?
  3. What would you like your radius to be?
    1. The maximum amount of miles you’re willing to travel
    2. A specific city or cities
    3. A specific zip code or list of zip codes
    4. A custom area you can draw on a map (see Custom Mapping below)
  4. How many tiers would you like?
    1. Do you have multiple different fees for different mileage amounts or areas?

An example would be a $10 delivery fee with a $100 order minimum for orders within 10 miles. If you’d like additional tiers, you can add a $20 fee with a $200 minimum for orders between 10.01 and 20 miles away! Want to add a $30 tier? You can do that, too!

Submitting your update is easy!

Log into your ezManage account > Click Settings > Request Store Updates

Or, email directly!

Advanced Customization Options: Custom Mapping

While standard radii are great, they don’t always work for everyone. Maybe you want to avoid traffic-heavy areas or you want to avoid overlapping with another one of your locations. Maybe you just want more control over your delivery area! If you would rather have specific zones you deliver to, you can create a custom map!

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Create A New Map"
  3. Draw your map using your mouse or print & draw on a physical map
  4. Email a link, screenshot, or photo to
    1. If you're sharing a link with us, please be sure your map is set to "Anyone with this link can view"
  5. Provide the details above (fee amount and minimum order amount for the area(s) outlined on your map) with your map

Once we receive your map and additional delivery information, we will enter it so that orders placed within your selected area(s) are charged accordingly!

Hungry For Even More Customization?

If the information listed on this page still doesn’t fit your needs, email our Partner Success Team at with what kind of fee structure you’re looking for and they will let you know if we can accommodate it!

Ready To Go?

Head over to the Settings Tab in your ezManage account to request your delivery settings update now!