NEW! Delivery Reporting

View delivery performance insights to improve your in-house delivery operation and plan for future deliveries.

Delivery Reporting gives you insights on orders with a driver assigned, whether it's one of your in-house drivers or one of our nationwide ezDispatch delivery partners. The delivery reporting tab will provide you with an overall percentage of orders with a driver assigned. By ensuring a driver is assigned to 100% of your orders, you will guarantee customers will receive delivery status updates, giving them peace of mind that their food is on the way. The list view provides insights on every order, so you can better train your staff, distribute driver tips, review set-up photos, and plan for future deliveries. Watch the quick video below to get a glimpse of what this new feature has to offer.




Deliveries Assigned to a Driver

ezManage now provides you with an overall percentage of orders with a driver assigned. Ensuring 100% of your orders have a driver assigned will enable your customers to receive delivery status updates through text message, while also providing your in-house drivers with the ability to call the delivery contact from a masked number in case they're unable to find the drop-off location. 


Deliveries List

The deliveries section gives you a quick glance at all your deliveries and helps you monitor your driver performance, delivery distance, tips, and more. You'll be able to view and sort your deliveries by store and date range or download a CSV file to sort the data to your liking within Microsoft excel.