How do I send ezCater photos of my menu items?

Yes, we would love for you to submit photos! Photos can be submitted for review by uploading them to this form. We can upload one photo for every menu item. Menu item photos must match the descriptions on your ezCater menu and meet all of the technical requirements.

You can view a quick video on how to take your own photos here.

Here’s a technical breakdown below.

Our system works best with photos that are:

  • high-quality, horizontal, bright, and crisp
  • a minimum of 1200x800 pixels
  • authentically yours (they cannot be stock images)

Check out these great individual menu item photo examples below:


Here are some great examples of group catering photos:

These photos work because they are great examples of cropping, zooming, color, and the focus is just on the food itself.  A simple arrangement is key as adding too many props or decor could be distracting.

While we do allow for partners to submit their own images of their food, we also are dedicated to creating a quality, mouthwatering experience for our customers. ezCater may reject photography that does not meet our quality standards.  


Below are examples of photos that do not meet our submission requirements:


Click here to view a short video on how to take your own menu item images.