Banner Photo Information

A banner is the first thing customers see when they view the menu. It gives the customer a quick glimpse of your menu's tasty offerings. 

Banner Images Must:

  • Be either a  jpg or png file type
  • Be no smaller than 1200x800 pixels.
  • Be a horizontal image, verticals and square images do not crop well for this format.
  • Be the full image, no pre-cropped images will be accepted because of how our site auto crops the photos once uploaded.

Banner Images Cannot:

  • Contain text, or graphics (exception for logos on packaging/plating)
  • Be blurry or out of focus
  • Contain logos or watermarks
  • Contain multiple images (no collages or composites)
  • Be stock images

An Ideal Banner Image is an overhead (flatlay) photo highlighting a handful of the menu items offered. 

Below are a few examples of ideal banner images:

We also accept banner images that are not flatlays, that still highlight what the brand represents.

Below are a few examples of other acceptable banner images: