What can I expect from my first ezCater order and how will I be notified?


Congratulations on your first ezCater order! You will need to review and either accept or reject each order submitted through our website in a timely manner. You can be notified of new orders by text, email, fax, phone call, or push notifications through our iOS ezManage app. You choose what methods work best for you. Once you accept the order, either assign one of your own in-house drivers to deliver the order or request a driver through our nationwide delivery network.  We'll remind you of orders the night before, or the day of depending on the event time. 

You prepare and deliver the food yourself, or have the food ready at the pick-up time to be handed off to our delivery partner. We'll send you weekly payments by check or electronic transfer. Our customer service team handles communication with customers so you can focus on the rest of your business. 

- Orders and 24/7 support:

Call: 1-800-488-1803

Text: 781-352-2651

Email: support@ezcater.com