What is included in my payment breakdown?

Go to the Payments tab in ezManage and click "View Details." You will see the payment breakdown as well as the orders included in the payment run.

Tax Payments 3

Food Total and Delivery Fees

Paid by the customer based on your pricing and settings.


Will vary by order source, but are based on food total plus delivery fees.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax- shows the tax passed through for you to remit. It equals the total tax collected minus the tax ezCater remits on your behalf.

Sales Tax Collected - The total sales tax paid by the customer.

Sales Tax Remitted by ezCater - In some states, as of June 1, 2020, we remit taxes on your behalf based on "marketplace facilitator" laws. ezCater payments to you will not include these taxes. See state-by-state details.

Credit Card Fees

(Food total + delivery fees + tax) * 2.75%

Miscellaneous Fees

Items like automatic gratuity and ezDispatch fees are found here.

Marketing Spend

Optional Preferred Partner Program and ezRewards contribution on applicable orders


Voluntary tip is passed on to you in full unless ezDispatch was used. If you require automatic gratuity, that is considered a fee and is taxed, commissioned, and charged the credit card processing fee.