How do I create a house account?

Shows you how to create and add customers to your store's house accounts.


From the Customer Management page in ezManage, select House Accounts, then select Create House Account from the top right. Enter all information in the Account Payable section. Down the bottom you will also enter the payment terms.

In order for a house account to be available as a payment option when you send a quote to a customer, the store sending the order must be an Authorized Store and the customer receiving the order must be an Authorized Contact against the account. For example, if ABC company had a house account with your store, and Joe worked for ABC and placed a catering order through you. He could only use the house account as payment for the order if he was authorized against the account.

Note: House accounts can only be used as a payment option for Direct Entry orders. Authorized Customers will not be able to check out with Marketplace or ezOrdering orders using a house account.