Why do photos have to be horizontal?

The reason we ask for horizontal images is because they work best with our system’s crop. Vertical images would need to be cropped in order to fit, however, this almost never works because the food would then appear too close up.


Compare the horizontal and vertical illustrations below:

The above illustration is an example of a photo taken horizontally. The slice of pizza has plenty of space around it for our crop and would upload correctly to our system. 


The second illustration above is an example of a photo taken vertically. The slice of pizza is zoomed in more and would appear too close-up if cropped and uploaded to our system; it would also be difficult to tell what the photo actually is because half of the pizza would not be visible. Because of this, vertical images cannot be used.


For more context on why vertical photos don’t work with our system, below is an example of how one appears behind our system’s crop:

In the image to the right, you can see the red box highlighting our system’s crop. If this photo were to be used for a menu item, only the filling and a small part of the bun would be seen because it would be cropped too closely. 

When using a smartphone to take any photos for your ezCater menu, remember to flip it horizontally. When in doubt, refer to this illustration below: