What is ezDispatch and how does it work?

Get delivery support on demand.

No need to turn down valuable catering orders you can’t deliver. Deliver the orders you’re able to, and hand the rest off to ezCater’s network of reliable delivery providers — vetted by us to protect your reputation.

We handle sourcing and recruiting delivery partners, training them on high-quality catering delivery, and managing the orders from start to finish.

To request help with ezDispatch, please fill out the form on our landing page or contact delivery@ezcater.com.

There are two options to meet your needs:

1. Already deliver but reaching your limit? Deliver the catering orders you’re able to, and hand-off the rest of ezDispatch.

2. Have a pickup-only catering business? Use ezDispatch to serve delivery customers without building your own delivery fleet.

How it Works:

1. You request ezDispatch for an order. We find a delivery provider for you. Learn how to request ezDispatch.

2. You get a confirmation email. It shows the delivery provider and pickup time. These will also be available in the order details.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 11.12.14 AM

ezd details 2

3. The driver picks up the order. Prepare it for pick-up, and you're done!

To provide feedback or for more information, contact delivery@ezcater.com..