How do I process a refund or provide compensation for Direct Entry orders?

All paid Direct Entry orders have an option to issue full or partial refunds to customers

How does it work?

Watch the video to see how to issue a refund on a Direct Entry order.

1. In ezManage, go to Orders and select the paid order you would like to refund.

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2. Select "Refund" from the top right of your screen.

This button only appears for paid orders.

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3. Follow the steps to issue a full or partial refund.

The following steps outline the process for orders where online payments were collected through ezCater. Once a refund is processed, we will immediately refund the customer and the refund value will be withheld from your next payment run from ezCater.

First, choose to refund a specific amount, a percentage of the order, or the full amount of the order.

Next, fill out your desired refund and click refund customer to complete the process. The customer will receive an updated receipt to reflect their refund.

Note: You must fill in a reason for refund in order to proceed.

4. Order details will be automatically updated for your records.

The refund and new order total will be updated on the orders page and within the order details. 

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Special note for payments collected outside of ezCater.

If the customer did not pay online through the ezCater pathway for this order then this process WILL NOT refund their payment method. You can use this process to keep your records updated, but it will be your responsibility to ensure the customer receives the refund.

The steps are still the same, but you will have the option to choose if you would like to send an updated receipt to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to process a refund?

The refund button will be available for 30 days after an order is fulfilled.

How are refunds processed?

If the customer paid by credit card directly through a quote created in Direct Entry then ezCater will process a refund once you select "Refund Customer." ezCater will then withhold the refund amount from your next payment run.

If you personally collected payment for the order and marked it paid, then it will be your responsibility to refund the customer via your POS system, cash, etc. This process will strictly update your records for reporting purposes and clicking "Refund Customer" will trigger no action from ezCater and will not impact any payment to you from ezCater.

What if I need technical support?

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