Coronavirus (COVID-19) Q&A

Updated Thursday 10/27/2020

What are the current trends ezCater sees, and how can I optimize my catering program to capture more demand in COVID?

Check out our new COVID-19 Impact on Catering Deck.  Elevate your catering program with insight from ezCater data, customer research & optimization recommendations.

How is coronavirus affecting business at ezCater?

Like you, we are seeing significant business impact because of the spread of coronavirus. We’re still working 24/7 to get as many orders as we can for you.

What should I do if I’m temporarily closing my restaurant/catering operation, or need to adjust my hours?

We know local regulations are having an impact on a lot of restaurants. You can update your business hours, or mark your business as temporarily closed, in ezManage.

What should we do if someone at our restaurant or a delivery driver is diagnosed with coronavirus?

Please take care of yourself, follow the guidelines provided by the CDC and your local health authorities, and notify Partner Success as soon as possible by phone at 617-874-5182 or email at We’ll work with you to determine which customers who have ordered from you on ezCater might have been affected, so you can alert them and encourage them to follow the health practices recommended by the CDC.


Zero commissions (March 16 through April 15)

Do I need to pay a commission on ezCater orders? 

ezCater will take zero commission on all orders fulfilled through April 15, 2020. This free commission period began March 16 and continues through April 15. 

This is not a suspended commission you have to pay later. It’s a complete waiver of the following fees:

  • ezCater marketplace commission
  • ezOrdering commission
  • Marketing program fees
  • Credit card processing fees

When will I see commission removed from my orders? 

You will still see commission on your invoices for orders placed the week of 3/16/20 (we’re fixing that!) but the fees will be removed when ezCater processes your bi-monthly payment.

Weekly Payments

To help with your cash flow, we now process payment every Tuesday (was twice a month).

Upcoming payment dates:

Pay date For orders fulfilled
Apr 14, 2020 Apr 1–12 (zero commission)
Apr 21, 2020

Apr 13–15 (zero commission)

Apr 16–19 (standard commission)

Apr 28, 2020 Apr 20–26 (standard commission)


Allow 1–2 business days for direct deposit, 5–7 business days for checks. Still receiving checks? Get paid faster with direct deposit.

50% off ezDispatch April 16 - May 15, 2020

April 16 – May 15, 2020, you can request on-demand delivery for just $15 per order (normally $30) – regardless of order size. Learn more.

Account updates

How can I optimize my account?

  • Lead Times: Consider decreasing your lead time to 3 hours or fewer.
  • Order Minimums: Consider decreasing your order minimum to $50 or lower.
  • Delivery Area: Consider expanding your delivery area to 10 to 20 miles.
  • Delivery Fee: Consider reducing your delivery fee or offering free delivery.

How can I update my settings?

You can update your lead time in ezManage. For all other settings changes, please reach out to Partner Success by phone at 617-874-5182 or email

Can you help deliver catering orders? 

ezDispatch, our network of reliable catering delivery drivers, can be requested for any ezCater order through ezManage. ezDispatch is now available for any order, up to 90 minutes before delivery time. Learn more about ezDispatch.

Can you put me in touch with other restaurant operators to discuss what’s going on? 

The ezCater Facebook community is a great place to connect directly with other operators. 


Individually packaged items

Are customers looking for and ordering individually packaged items?

Yes. Demand for boxed lunches and other individually packaged items has increased significantly. We added a new search filter to help customers find items that are, or can be, individually packaged. See the new individually packaged filter and menu design.

How do I add individually packaged items to my ezCater menu?

If you have menu items that are individually packaged (e.g. boxed lunches), or platters that can be individually packaged (e.g. sandwich platters), please email our menus team at

What if I don’t have individually packaged items?

We’d be happy to help with your menu. Please reach out to Partner Success by phone at 617-874-5182 or email at


For ezDispatch users

Do I still need to pay to use ezDispatch?

Yes. The ezDispatch fee still applies, but April 16 – May 15, 2020 the fee has been reduced to $15 per order. If you have questions about ezDispatch, call 781-205-4414 or email

What measures are our delivery partners taking to keep drivers, customers, and catering partners safe?

Our delivery partners have told us they’re directing drivers to be especially vigilant and encouraging them to refer to CDC guidelinesNational Restaurant Association guidelines and to continue following local food safety standards. This may include advising drivers to wash their hands upon arrival and departure from each of their stops and encouraging drivers to wipe down all delivery equipment after each use. 

Additionally, our delivery partners are prepared to handle a potential shift in packaging for catering orders to support individually packaged orders. 

Will ezDispatch coverage and availability change? 

We are staying in close contact with our delivery partners about any changes in service. So far, we’ve seen no meaningful changes in service. We expect changes, if any, will be regional.

What should I do if my ezDispatch delivery driver is sick?

If you have any concern, please reach out to us and we’ll work directly with the delivery partner to understand the situation. If you have questions about ezDispatch, email


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